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Rank Checker 1.0

Rank Checker checks a website's rankings on google.com and google.co.uk
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Check your website's rankings on Google with Rank Checker!
Rank Checker checks a website's rankings on google.com, the default, and on google.co.uk. And it's really simple to use. It's also completely - FREE!
Check whether your website ranks for one keyword or dozens of keywords. Rank Checker checks up to 500 results (I could have made it check up to 1,000 but what would be the point? I mean, if your website ranks over 500 then perhaps you need to scrap it altogether and start again?).
Keywords can be added in three different ways. They can be added via Overture's keyword tool. Or you can simply input a keyword manually and then hit the Add button. The keyword will be added to a list. Then add another, and another...
There's yet a third way to add keywords to the list. Use Google itself. Go to Google's keyword tool and save the results as a text file. Then open up the text file in Notepad, highlight the list, right-click to copy to the clipboard, and then click on Keywords in Rank Checker's menu. Select the Load From Clipboard option. The Google list of keywords will be added to the keyword list.
Three easy ways to add keywords. Up to 500 results checked for each keyword. And save the results in a handy report. Not bad for a completely free program.

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